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Mastering innovation processes – The Story of www.StakeholderDialogues.net

Recently I was interviewed about the creative process of starting www.StakeholderDialogues.net for the new edition of our newsletter. Looking back to the beginnings and reflecting on how we went about things I realized how many lessons learned on leading an innovation process I took away from this exciting time – and am happy to share them with you:


Interview The Story of SD_bearbeitetThe rough idea for a practitioner network around the topic of Stakeholder Dialogues grew a long time ago. The Collective Leadership Institute´s vision is to empower as many people as possible to use Stakeholder Dialogues as a means to bring about positive change and to contribute to a sustainable world. This is why we envisioned an online platform that would make our specific knowledge and methodology accessible to everyone. So we knocked on many doors trying to raise funds for the development of this platform, and, finally, received a seed funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in 2012. The development phase was a very exciting time. None of us had ever done something like this before. But in April 2013, less than a year after initiating the development, we launched the website officially. I am proud that StakeholderDialogues.net turned out to be a fantastic website.


For me, innovation starts with problem solving. It is important that a project or product is not designed as an end in itself, but it has to Weiterlesen

The Gift of Listening

When managing Stakeholder Dialogues, never forget that the core of every cooperation process is made out of people and the way they interact. Seen like this, a Stakeholder Dialogue can only be as fruitful as are the relationships between the people that participate in them. In my eyes the most powerful and yet quite simple tool for raising the quality of relationships in a cooperation process is: Listening.


Why? Because the way people voice their ideas, concerns or doubts is often dependent on the way people listen. Weiterlesen

Do your homework when engaging stakeholders

Getting in touch with your stakeholders, finding out what moves them, where their interests lie, is a prerequisite for a meaningful dialogue. This is why we interview the alumni of our educational programs regularly. Like this we find out in which ways we have to develop our methodology further and ultimately how to shape the future of the Collective Leadership Institute to stay in touch with what our stakeholders need. This interview my colleague Katharina held with Mouna Lyoubi from Morocco – and left the room inspired…

Mouna, you are working on a very interesting project – tell me more about it.

Mouna The project is called “Cooperation between Cities and Municipalities” (CoMun). It is a regional project with presence in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. It started in 2008 in Morocco and in Tunisia after the Arab Spring, but not yet in Algeria. I am a local Junior Advisor in Morocco. We had a contest of projects coming from 16 cities and we selected 7 projects from 7 different cities. The cities proposed projects on energy efficiency, waste management, transport and rehabilitation of ancient medinas. The projects were provided with technical support and in 2012 we implemented networks between the cities. These networks create bridges for cooperation between the Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian cities and the countries themselves. Weiterlesen