Welcome to the Stakeholder Dialogues Blog!

Why a blog on Stakeholder Dialogue?  The challenges of sustainability have reached the entire globalized world. They are far too complex to be solved by the corporate community, the public sector or civil society acting alone. Collaboration is key – we can only co-create a more sustainable way of life by working collectively towards common goals.

© Jérôme Rommé - Fotolia.com

© Jérôme Rommé – Fotolia.com

I am convinced that Stakeholder Dialogues are the key for a more sustainable future. This is why I am very happy to be the project lead for the online learning space www.stakeholderdialogues.net. In this blog I will introduce you to the concept of Stakeholder Dialogues and translate our expertise on cross-sector collaboration and stakeholder engagement into little tips and tricks that will help you leverage the impact of your project in your every day life. Join me on my quest! Let´s enable innovation to take place and transform our world into a more sustainable future!

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